What are some do’s and don’ts while going through the divorce process?

Answered by licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Stephanie Macadaan.


Be patient with yourself, you are going through one of the most high stress situations there is. Understand that you may experience a roller coaster of emotions and not be “on top of your game”.

-Practice really good self-care, whatever that means for you, some common forms are meditation, getting enough sleep, exercising, finding supportive friends.

-Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s so easy, especially with social media, to feel less than others when you are going through challenging times. However, that is not the case, and being drawn into that way of thinking is like beating yourself up, when you’re already down on the ground.

-Beware of venting on social media. Sometimes when we are flooded with emotions, social media is an easy place to dump them. However, that can lead to an “over exposure hangover”. Be more selective with who you share with.

-Don’t get into another relationship right away. This can feel really tempting because it’s filling the hole left by your significant other. However, this often leads to more stress down the road. It’s important to heal yourself first, rather than avoid all that by focusing on a new relationship.


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